Repair Broken Wifi on Android

Posted on Mon 09 September 2019 in android

Wifi Down All of a Sudden

When using my dipper as usual, wifi suddenly crashes, and could not be turned on anymore.

The symptom is very much similiar to what happened in the following few posts:

Then i tried reflashing China stable, China dev, Global stable, latest, etc.

None solved the issue. *_*

Magic Solution

At last, this comment captured the problem!

To solve it, just do:

  1. flash latest China dev MIUI via fastboot
  2. extract persist.img and transfer to phone storage
  3. check the persist partition by mount | grep persist
  4. dd if=/path/to/persist.img of=/dev/block/sdaXY (sdaXY as revealed above)

Maybe the first step is unnecessary.

Anyway, everything is good again. ^_^

Possible Causes

After fixing this wifi problem, some other bugs occur on the newly-recovered system.

So there might be a hardware malfunction on the flash storage chip.

People as unlucky can be seen here.

When the filesystem goes wrong, try fsck: